Sunday, October 3, 2010

Does it really mean Hot Yoga?

Yoga started about 2500 years ago which was founded by Patanjali. After its discovery, it was then practiced and spread around the world.

There are a lot of yoga types and one of them is the famous hot yoga. The hot yoga is characterized by a series of yoga poses which is done in a heated room. The room where you perform the exercise maintains a temperature of 95-100 degrees. This kind of exercise gives off a lot of perspiration during a session because you are in a heated room. Picture yourself doing Yoga when you are suffering from fever where your body temperature is at 105 deg. Fahrenheit! I bet you couldn’t stand this kind of heat. If ever you will, you have over fatigued yourself.

Hot yoga is advantageous because it cleanses your body and gets rid of the toxins inside your body through perspiration. Since it makes your body warm, the more flexible your body gets.

When doing hot yoga, you should have some accessories like yoga mat and towel. Since you will be sweating profusely, you should have something absorbent and soft to wipe your sweat every time.

Some people who practice hot yoga do not wear very thick clothes because it causes them to sweat more.

If you are going to practice hot yoga, you should have proper clothing. The clothes you should wear should be appropriate that allows your sweat to evaporate easily and not soak your clothes thoroughly as it will get uncomfortable and heavy. You can wear shorts during the session.

Wearing of shorts allows your skin to breathe and give off heat. Students or young people are the ones who usually wear shorts. They tend to wear small clothes because they are still vigorous and they sweat too much.

If you are taking hot yoga sessions, make sure that you drink a lot of water. If you are in the class, you bring along your own bottle of water so that you can drink anytime you want. It is important to bring along a bottle of water so that you will not get dehydrated and so that the skin will produce more sweat.

Before having a hot yoga session, you should take note that it is not advisable to eat two hours before the class starts. This is because your body will be subject to heavy exercise.

Bikram’s method is such a good yoga style. People who want to slim down can practice this type of yoga because their fats and cholesterol will be burned through sweat.

Now that you have learned about hot yoga, think if it satisfies your desire to release your sweat and excess toxins through this type of yoga. Remember that in doing hot yoga, all your energy is taken away. If your body has not a single energy to waste, then hot yoga is not the perfect yoga style for you.

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